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  • Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs & Cats – Luxear Arc-Chill Reversible Summer Cool Mat Blanket for Cats with Humidity Indicator…

    【Revolutionary Arc-Chill Cooling Technology】-Say goodbye to ordinary pet mats! LUXEAR self-cooling pet mat top side is made of the original Japanese Arc-chill cool technology fabric. Super easy to use, only by touching it the pet can immediately lower its skin temperature down at least 5℃. Compared to the 95% similar products, our dog mat cooling value(Q-max) is 2 times more, with more than 0.4! Without water or electricity or cooling, also bring the cooling and comfortable feeling to our pets.
    【Unique Visual Humidity Indicator Card】-Are you still worried that wet cushions will cause discomfort and skin diseases to your pets? The humidity indicator card on the LUXEAR cooling pet mat can perfectly help you to solve this problem. If the color is blue, the dog bed mat is dry. But if the color turns pink, the dog summer cooling mat is wet and need to be dryied. For the sake of pets’ health, please always keep mat dry and fresh (Note: Please must take it out before cleaning up).
    【Superior Absorption and Deodorization】-Do you know The pet baby’s nose is sensitive to peculiar smell. That’s why our pet cool pads adopt eco-friendly high-quality felt fabric, diatomaceous earth and moisture-absorbing particles. The water absorption capacity is stronger than 90% of pet mats on the market, which can keep its surface dry at all times, and quickly eliminate dog urine and other odors. It is 100% safe material for the pets. It is the ideal choice for your pets.

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