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NativaSpa’s Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil Firms Skin Within 28 Days


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One of the best parts about scented body oil—besides the obvious skin-soothing advantages—is the pleasing scent it can leave behind. Aromatherapy is an easy way to soothe your nerves and calm anxiety (even if it’s just for a moment) on a regular basis, and slathering on a perfumed body oil post-shower is an easy way to tap into its benefits. Plus, you’ll just smell damn good to others.

NativaSpa’s Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil is a top-tier option; if you ever crave a “cozy, warm and unique vanilla scent” across your skin, consider it your next purchase. Not only does it contain sustainably sourced Madagascar Vanilla, but it also is packed with the brand’s hero ingredient, pure quinoa oil. The oil rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats and more, which deeply nourish dry, aging skin and bring it back to life. 

Per NativaSpa, the brand’s patented quinoa oil is capable of firming and evening out the skin within 28 days, since it brings a hefty surge of moisture and antioxidants back into the skin. While you can reap the same benefits with the Quinoa Firming Body Oil and Quinoa Firming Body Lotion, this vanilla-scented option leaves behind a sweet aroma in its wake.

Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Oil


Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Oil

The Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil is “heaven in a bottle” according to one reviewer. “Yesterday, I tried the oil for the first time, and I could not believe it! The scent and texture of this oil is incredible, it is not cloying, and the oil is exceptionally lightweight,” they wrote. “I am in LOVE with this oil, and I will purchase it as long as it is in existence. This is a winner. If you are contemplating buying a bottle or two, take the plunge.

One 69-year-old shopper called the body oil the “best they’ve ever used” on their dry skin, while another reviewer said it “leaves the skin radiating.” Others confirm the aroma “improves their mood” while another said its the “perfect thing to add after a shower at the end of a busy day.”

Smell like vanilla all-day, everyday with the help of NativaSpa’s Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil, which is available for just $23. Make sure to scoop other hot sellers from the brand that are on sale.

Quinoa Firming Body Oil


Quinoa Firming Body Oil

Nativa Spa

Nativa Spa

Quinoa Firming Body Lotion

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