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The 8 Best Online Prescription Skincare Companies For Retinol & More


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Did you know that different types of acne need different healing ingredients? What about the fact that over the counter retinol should be your first step, but once you’ve used one or two containers of product, it’s time to level up with stronger retinol you can only get from a derm? My friends! Welcome to the world of online skincare, a magical place where you can send in photos of your skin ailments, get evaluated by a real life dermatologist and then get your “cure” shipped directly to your door — all for much less than the cost of going into an actual doctor’s office.

Listen, doctors can complain all they want that online prescriptions are taking over their usual bread and butter, but IMO there’s absolutely no reason why me walking into a room and a doctor looking at my skin for four minutes should cost me nearly $300. Most insurance companeis don’t even consider a yearly derm check to be necessary! But I digress… Nowadays, you can get just about any routine prescription prescribed online for a fraction of the cost, but that’s a post for another day.

Today we’re talking about the best places to get prescription skincare for anything that’s troubling you, like acne, dark spots,  or even newly appearing fine lines and wrinkles. Here are our picks for the best places to check out if you want to cure your skincare concerns and save some cash at the same time.

curology feat The 8 Best Online Prescription Skincare Thatll Save You a Trip to the Derm

Courtesy of Curology.


Curology lets you upload photos of your skin and one of the over 100 licensed dermatologists will review them and create a custom formula for you. You can also choose from any non-comedogenic add-ons that’ll add in your skincare routine, like moisturizers, cleansers and more. Get started for just the cost of shipping, plus a 90-day guarantee. If you don’t see results in three months, send it back for free!




Nurx has prescription skincare, birth control, UTI meds and much more. It’s basically your one-stop shop for everything you need to survive as a woman without having to shell out hundreds of dollars hitting up all your different specialists.




Hers offers a prescription anti-aging cream formulated with higher amounts of derm-loved ingredients like tretinoin, niacinamide and azelaic acid.




Dark spots? Rosacea? Hair loss? Eye wrinkles? Musely can help with it all. It even takes it all a step further to offer more personalized treatments, such as dark spots ~down there~ and dark spot relief on the body and neck.


Ro Skincare.


Get a personalized fertility testing kit directly to your door, or prescriptions for skincare, hair loss, sexual health and much more with Ro.


Courtesy of Wisp.


Get medical abortion pills (!!!), emergency contraception, vaginal health prescriptions and skincare to boot at this one stop shop for women’s health. The Wisp acne cream is made with clindamycin and retin-A for powerful, prescription-only results.




Agency lets you try out your customized formula for just the cost of shipping for 30 days. If some things are working while others aren’t the derms on the team will reshape the formula until it’s exactly what your skin needs.




Apostrophe provides personalized acne prescriptions with customized ingredients for redness, texture, dark spots and more.

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