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This Firming Body Care Set Will Strengthen Your Skin’s Elasticity


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There are a few skincare trends we’re seeing continue at the start of 2023. Hydrated, glass-looking skin doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and everyone’s concerned more than ever about their scalp health. People are also realizing that body care is just as crucial as the TLC that we give our faces. If you want to get everything you need for a total body care ritual refresh in one place, NativaSPA’s quinoa product sale will have you fully stocked for under $50.

NativaSPA is a plant-based body care line that’s based out of Brazil. All of their products are infused with their signature and patented quinoa oil that’s extracted in a special process; it lets the grain retain all of its healing and wellness properties. The entire line is vegan, cruelty-free and leaves 1.000+ toxins out of its formulations, so if you’re a natural skincare product girlie, this line is for you.

Quinoa is a powerful source of proteins, omegas and antioxidants that your skin needs for protection against environmental stressors. It also nourishes skin by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and allowing it to retain  moisture for a longer amount of time.

Luckily, you can score three of NativaSPA’s bestsellers in the Quinoa Firming Ritual Set, which is on sale for $47. Considering just one of those products retails for around $25, this set is quite the steal.

Quinoa Firming Ritual Set: Body Oil + Body Lotion + Hand Cream

Courtesy of NativaSPA.

Quinoa Firming Ritual Set: Body Oil + Body Lotion + Hand Cream

You can obviously purchase each of the products in the set separately, but you really can’t beat bundling all three and saving nearly $20 in the process. This ritual set includes everything you need to keep skin hydrated, healthy, and collagen-strong from neck to toes.

You’ll get a 13.5 ounce bottle of the quinoa firming body lotion, a 6.8 ounce bottle of the quinoa firming body oil and a 2.6 ounce hand cream that you can carry with you on the go or in your carry-on to travel with the quinoa system.

Quinoa Firming Body Oil

Courtesy of NativaSPA.

Quinoa Firming Body Oil

If you just want the body oil, you can purchase it on sale separately. One reviewer wrote, “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this oil is light, soaks in quickly, doesn’t leave me greasy and has an amazing smell.”

The pure 100 percent quinoa oil (which contains two times the amount of nutrients as argan and almond oil) gives your skin the hydration boost it’s likely craving.

The brand says the formulas will start to work in as little as four weeks, and customers agree. “This has quickly become my new favorite) can’t live without it lotion,” wrote one shopper. “It smells heavenly and my skin has never looked better!”

Quinoa Firming Body Lotion

Courtesy of NativaSPA.

Quinoa Firming Body Lotion

The body lotion is just $20 for a limited time, which means you can shave $5 off of the regular price. It’s packed with the signature quinoa oil, just in a cream form.

One reviewer noted how good the product smells, that whenever she wears it she actually gets asked what kind of perfume she’s wearing. “Not only is it super hydrating, it smells WONDERFUL! I get more compliments on the scent than I do when I wear perfume,” they wrote.

Plus if you shop now, you can score free shipping on orders over $55.

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