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TikTok Users Love Frownies Wrinkle Patches For Wrinkles & Crow’s Feet


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When it comes to finding fast and effective anti-aging products, there’s no source quite like TikTok. Users and beauty obsessives alike post their honest reviews and also show photographic evidence of whether or not these serums, gels, and creams actually work—you can’t get much better than that. I mean, this past year alone, the social media app pointed out heaps upon heaps of incredible products, including this retinol eye cream that basically erases away under-eye bags like the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard does a misspelled word, this mascara that rivals professional lash extensions and more.

The app even turned us onto some super affordable wrinkle-erasing patches that work overnight. User @thedirtythirties posted a review of the Frownies Facial Patches
that received more than 36,000 likes and almost 1 million views, and we can see why. In the post, she removes her Frownies patches that she wore all night to reveal smooth, glowing skin. She placed the patched around her frown lines and on her forehead, and once they were off, well, see for yourself here.


Frownies are a must #GEICOLipSync #face #skincare #beauty #part2

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“Oh my god,” she said. “Buy them. Buy them now.”

She’s not the only person urging skincare obsessives to click “add to cart.” Over at Amazon more than 8,400 shoppers have given this anti-aging product a perfect five-star rating
thanks to its ability to work like Botox, but function like a face mask.

According to these shoppers, once you use these as directed, you’ll “pass for 20 years younger.”

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Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches

Courtesy: Frownies.

These sheets are designed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. All you have to do is apply a sheet (you can even cut them to the shape you like) to the problem area before bed. Once you wake up, you’ll see a smooth and moisturized spot that, according to shoppers, is “like a miracle.’ And given that you get 144 patches for just $24
, this “miracle” is an affordable one.

Think about how much use you get out of a cream or gel. Usually, these products last a month or two. But, even if you use one of the Frownies patches every day, you’ll get more than four months’ worth of use. Our lives? Considered them changed.

“Over the course of a week, I’ve been testing out these Frownies facial patches to see if they would actually take away my wrinkles,” TikTok user @cierralin said in her video. “I’m turning 28 soon, and I’ve noticed that the pandemic has truly aged me. They’re supposed to be a botox alternative. You have to wear them every day for them to work, and I think they’re worth it.”

So, we’re adding this to our list of skincare essentials—right next to this biotin spray for thinning spots on Amazon.

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